10 enero, 2011

Corporate Giants Chevron, Gildan, Russell Corporation, Hanes Brands, DIPPSA, Investing Deeper in Language Training.

During the April- June period, Harris Communications saw stronger language training investments from its large mutli-national clients Chevron Oil, Gildan Manufacturing, Russell Corporation, Hanes Brands, and national oil refinery DIPPSA.

Carlos Caballero, Russell Corporation manager, commented, “We have increased our training budget with Harris and expanded our program to more than sixty employees. We are very pleased with our results and the quality of instruction.”

And although the national economy continues to face challenges of pent up demand, Honduras continues to recover from last year’s political crisis, as manufactures like Canadian owned Gildan and US multi-national Hanes Brands continue to increase spend levels for on-site programs. Robert Harris, Founder of Harris Communications commented, “Increased on-site programs is always a leading indicator and we are optimistic going into the second half of 2010.

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